Infrared has become an invaluable tool in wildland firefighting


We want you to train with the tools you use so we created a Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) module that can be used by anyone in a wildfire training scenario. The true value of Infrared is finding heat sources that would normally be invisible to the human eye. If your fighting fire in LWR and not using the FLIR module you had better be sure you don't leave any hidden heat sources behind when you return to base.

Display the Infrared screen as black is hot, white is hot, or in simulated low resolution colour screen.

We have included custom hotkeys and Joystick axis assignments so you can run the camera controls with your own hardware. 


FLIR Application


The FLIR application controls all aspects of the FLIR unit. Operate the display, assign custom keys and axis to control the ball and add a FLIR unit to any aircraft in your fleet. 

Simulator FLIR Ball


You can add a FLIR unit to your aircraft in P3Dv4, It's even animated to follow the thumb switch of the operator. 

Custom Hardware


We have developed a FLIR handheld controller, LCD display and VCR panel so you have the option to run the FLIR very close to how you would in the real aircraft. 

Lorby FLIR

Record the FLIR display in real time

This  short video is a short section of recorded FLIR video. You have the option of saving still images or video of the display or a combination of both.