Our Mission

Wildfire Training Solutions has one primary goal, improve simulated aerial wildfire training and make it accessible to all wildfire agencies and companies. We want to make it simpler, easier to use and more cost effective. We know that executing a coordinated aerial attack on a wildfire is a perishable skill, it requires regular practice and training. 

Fire seasons are getting longer, more active and in general the job is only getting more difficult, we believe training should mirror this trend. We are at the point where high fidelity simulation training has become mainstream but it's still a daunting task for an agency to setup and maintain their own equipment and program. Throw in the additional requirement of simulating a dynamic and ever changing wildfire environment and a simulator training program quickly moves beyond the capabilities of most organizations.  

This is where we can help.

We are utilizing current and well supported flight simulator technology that anyone can access as the foundation for a networked aerial wildfire training platform, capable of simulating all aspects of aerial wildfire response. We are a small team working at Wildfire Training Solutions but our combined experience includes 30 years of software programming and complex project management, 30 years of wildfire experience that includes 15 years of fixed wing Air Attack, Helicopter Coordinator and simulator training program development. Our hope is to connect organizations, companies and individuals across the globe with the goal to share and learn from each other and better prepare for what is quickly becoming the new normal in wildland fire. 

Lorby Wildfire Response

LWR Instructor Station

The heart of the software, all aspects of the incident scenario are controlled from a central station and distributed across a network to the participants.

LWR Pilot Module

Add external loads, retardant or water drop capabilities, adjust drop rates and join the main server. You can even add a drip torch to you helicopter and fight fire with fire.

LWR Classroom

Brief the mission prior to launch and replay it when you land to see what worked and what didn't. 

Lorby Comm's

Communication is the key to a successful mission. We have developed a highly realistic, voice over internet (VOIP) protocol that closely mimics the actual communications system used by most wildfire agencies. This system is easily tuned to meet your agencies specific needs. 

Lorby FLIR

We firmly believe that you should train with the tools that you use. So we created a FLIR application that not only simulates the real world FLIR camera but it can find fires that would otherwise be hidden from view.

Lorby Wildfire Response

Audio was taken during a live training session with one of our clients. The training included multiple aircraft, dispatcher and ground resources all responding to the same incident. 


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