LWR Classroom

We understand the importance of classroom training, briefings and debriefings.


The LWR Classroom Module gives you the perfect tool to brief and debrief the mission. Watch and listen to the mission unfold in real time on external views as well as via live GPS tracking in Google Maps. The ability to review both the flying as well as the radio communication cannot be underscored as a training tool.

Learn from your mistakes


The fireline is not the place to be testing or learning new tactics, train in the sim and practice your SOP's before you are faced with the same challenge in the field. 

Brief, simulate, debrief and then do it again better.


Simulator training gives you the opportunity to try new things, practice new procedures and learn from your mistakes. The real world benefits both in safety and costs are immeasurable.

Lorby Classroom

We recorded a training session that included four desktop simulators and one dual seat simulator (birddog) This is the recorded audio and 3D environment played back in Lorby Classroom.