Lorby Comm's

Communication is key


When you are flying in a concentrated wildfire airspace with multiple aircraft, communication is your primary means of maintaining a safe operation. The Lorby Comm's application features advanced IP based voice communication on simulated radio devices to provide a training situation that is as close to realistic as possible.  Lorby Comms is a standalone product and does not require any other software to function. That being said Lorby Comms provides a communication training system for many real world applications outside of wildland fire. In addition to multi-channel radio communications we have included the ability to insert random radio traffic across the network to improve the overall level of immersion. Record and playback the entire incidents radio communications with an easy to use yet powerful playback module. You also have the option to insert markers into the recording so you can quickly access that point in the incident communications for debriefing purposes.

"Less is more"


If you have been around the business for any length of time you have heard a pilot say this phrase. It takes practice and experience to be able to effectively communicate in an aerial wildfire incident. Painting a detailed picture with as few a words as possible and learning to use the equipment efficiently and effectively is our goal.  

Use Lorby Comms with custom hardware


Lorby Comm's was developed with the idea that using a mouse to control a radio may not be ideal for everyone. Lorby Comm's communicates directly with Arduino microcontrollers and can be used with our hardware solution for the communication setup found in most Airtanker and Birddog aircraft.   

Lorby Comm's


Run Lorby Comm's on a Tablet PC.

Lorby comm's is completely configured to run on a tablet PC


Choose what you use

Not everyone in a training scenario is going to need or use the complete communication system. Chose to display only what you need for your situation. 


Arduino Microcontroller Interface

Some users may want to develop their own hardware and use our Arduino Interface to control Lorby Comm's or let us build you a custom hardware package that works for your needs. 

Configure Lorby Comm's to suit your operational needs

Learn the key tools of your trade in the safety of the classroom


Our comms software isn't just about learning how to use the hardware itself, for many pilots the hardware will be second nature. Lorby Comms also provides the user with the ideal training tool for learning wildfire specific communication procedures. 

Start simple


Overwhelming a student can teach you some things about their capabilities but rarely does it teach the student much. You can setup the comms software to be as simple or as complicated as required for the training at hand. 

Use your own channel identifiers


The Lorby Comm's Server allows the user to setup specific channel names and frequencies for each of the VHF and Satellite phone channels in use. You can use this to teach your own communication system or learn how another agency is setup. Only the server is required to be setup in this manner, each client joining that server will automatically be assigned the specific channel setup in use by that Server.

Lorby Jukebox


The Lorby Server allows you to play sound snippets to simulate radio traffic across the network. Adjust the frequency of the traffic to increase the overall feeling of complexity on the incident.

Record the Server Traffic


Lorby Comm's server allows the user to record the incident radio traffic and then play it back later for debriefing purposes. You can even mark specific locations in the recording so you can easily access those areas with the playback module.

Lorby Comm's Player


Use the LC's Player to debrief a training mission. Marker locations as easy to access with a simple double click of the mouse. Isolate specific frequencies or listen to the all the channels in their entirety. 


A very short introduction to some of the features of Lorby Comm's.