Take Full Control


The simple to use interface allows you to control every aspect of the scenario and watch it unfold from multiple vantage points. Google Earth images can be downloaded in a variety of formats to act as the 2D sandbox for developing the incident. The terrain in Prepar3D is amazingly accurate when compared to the Google Earth imagery as you can see in the photos below. 

Alter the scenarios in real time to challenge and test your trainees.


Scenarios can be saved and used at any time but that doesn't mean the outcome has to always be the same. You can adjust everything from the weather and visibility to the fire spread rate and intensity.  Easily place a few additional spot fires outside the retardant line or divert to an entirely new incident, you are in complete control of the scenario.

Instructor Station

Here is a video showing just a few features of the LWR Instructor Station.

LWR Instructor Station

Connect with Everyone


Anyone with a computer capable of running Prepar3D and our Pilot Module can join the Instructor Station server. 

Control the weather


Since we add real weight to the aircraft when they take on a load of water or retardant, increasing the temperature has a significant effect on how much power is required. A full load in the morning isn't all that easy in the afternoon when the temps have risen significantly. Reduce the visibility in real time down to a couple of miles and now the situation is much more challenging.

Add scenery objects in real time


It's not just the fire you are concerned about. Pilots and Air Crew must be on the constant lookout for hazards both on the ground and in the air. Place tall snags and trees on the fireline, communication towers on a nearby ridge or even animated heavy equipment pushing guard down a flank. 

Control the fire


Design and save a fire scenario ahead of time or build one on the fly, the choice is up to you. Either way you can tailor the fire to suit the needs of your training plan to get the most out of every incident you run.

There is massive support in the addon developer community


We chose Prepar3D as our simulator platform for many reason, for one, the support and wealth of addon material for Prepar3D is outstanding. 

Observe everything


The Instructor station allows for easy setup of multiple view positions around the incident. These views can be static or setup to follow a specific aircraft or ground resource. 

Its not just fires we need to be prepared for


We need to be prepared to respond to any emergency that might happen on the line. Time spent running through procedures and protocols in the simulator will go a long way to making the real world response as efficient, effective and safe as possible. 

Sim Markers


There are times when its useful to be able to quickly and easily identify key features in the terrain. We added smoke bombs that are easy to place and remove to make this a simple task for the instructor.

Easily identify points of interest.


Map Markers


A complex unfolding incident can be more easily managed by placing map markers with user created tags. 

A.I. Aircraft

Creating custom flight paths for A.I. (artificial intelligence) aircraft in LWR is simple and effective. Our flight path editor allows you to fine tune the traffic to the point where combined rotary and fixed wing operations can be simulated. Dropping retardant from fixed wing tankers on one flank of the fire while A.I. helicopters work the other flank is now a realistic scenario option that requires no additional pilots. 

Animated Heavy Equipment

Simulation is all about the suspension of disbelief. If someone believes what they are seeing is realistic the experience becomes more ingrained and easier to recall. This is just one of the reasons we added static and animated ground objects to Lorby Wildfire Response.