LWR Pilot

Your connection to the simulation environment


 Lorby Wildfire Pilot is the player client that allows a  simulator to connect to the Instructor station server. The Pilot module also provides for customization of the client to include things such as external loads, retardant or water drop capabilities, load characteristics such as weight and balance, drop rates etc. The pilot module also includes some custom gauges, such as a drop control panel, radar system, scenario location etc.  

It feels right


We understand the demanding environment that pilots and air crew work in on wildfires. That's why we made sure to  include things like real time weight shift when the load is released, global weather manipulation to simulate the low vis conditions we often work in, turbulence over the fire as well as up and down drafts that can be placed anywhere to make sure you are on the ball and an E-dump capability for when you need all the performance your aircraft can provide. 

Learn from and teach others at the same time


With our software there is no limits to who can train with who. Do you send personal to other jurisdictions or countries? Train with that agency to understand their unique requirements and SOP's before you go. 

Extreme Fire Behaviour

Sometimes learning to do nothing is the hardest lesson of them all.

Pilot Module Hardware Interface


Bomb Tank and Drop contols

Arm or disarm the tank or scoops, control the coverage level and amount of each drop and when things go sideways, use the emergency dump to get rid of the load to gain every inch you can get. 


Easy Hotkey Assignment

We have written our own hardware interface so assigning a specific function to a joystick key is simple and easy


Joystick Axis Assignments

If you would rather control the bomb tank with a custom dial made with a potentiometer or joystick axis? we make it simple to interface that hardware as well. 

Object Placement


Object Placement

Helicopter are as important moving people and equipment as they are moving water. We have given the pilot the capability to simulate these moves by placing crew and equipment into the terrain in real time. Everyone connected to the server will see the equipment and people you have delivered to a specific location. 


Lorby Wildfire Response is focused on training for pilots and aircrew and that means, it not only needs to feel right but it should look right as well.


Ground resources  help create a realistic feel to an incident. LWR allows both the Instructor and trainees to create these assets as required, in real time and while the scenario is being played out. 

Dynamic Lighting


Dynamic Lighting Effects

 Dynamic Lighting is an advanced game lighting technique that calculates lighting effects in real time. This lighting technique allows us to create realistic looking nighttime wildfires. 


Fires and vehicle lights

We have included dynamic lighting with all our fires and the headlights on the vehicles in LWR. Night operations with dynamic lighting is now much more realistic and engaging. 


Optimized for performance

Dynamic lighting can have a huge affect on performance. We have optimized our dynamic lighting to ensure you get the best performance possible while maintaining a realistic night time experience. 

LWR Pilot and FLIR

Just a quick demo of the FLIR and Pilot application running in P3Dv4. The assets such as the FLIR ball and smoke effect are easily placed in the correct location for each aircraft, this is only done once as we save that location for all future flights.