Lorby Wildfire Response Overview


 LWR is a networked, multi user application that integrates with Lockheed Martin's flight simulation program, Prepar3D. P3D is the perfect visual simulation platform to create a realistic aerial wildfire training environment. Lockheed Martin is designing P3D as a multirole, global platform and allows us to recreate all the aspects of a wildfire scenario in realistic and familiar terrain. P3D is not only supported by Lockheed Martin it also has a huge following of content developers. These companies are working hard to create new aircraft, terrain and tools that enhance the user experience. Some case studies showing how P3D is being used in the training world can be found on Lockheed Martin's website 

LWR works in real time with Prepar3D and allows the user to create fires, adjust the size, intensity and growth of fires, control and manipulate the weather, add static and mobile scenery objects, view the entire fire scenario from multiple static or dynamic viewpoints, record and playback the scenario and these are just some of the features of Lorby Wildfire Response. Lorby Wildfire Response consists of three individual modules that work together to build, control and interact with the fire mission. The primary modules are LWR Instructor, LWR Pilot, LWR Briefing with Lorby Comms and FLIR being additional modules. 

Develop a comprehensive set of training scenarios


 Create and save multiple training scenarios that can be called up and flown at any time. We give you the tools needed to develop your own specific training programs that meet your organization's specific requirements. 

Train without borders or safety concerns


 Anyone can join a wildfire training session as long as they have a internet connection. Training has never been more realistic or accessable.  


Take a look at what's possible in LWR.