Hardware design, Development and Integration

Train with the tools you use

We know that having the best equipment in the world is pointless if it's not used to its full potential. That's why we continue to develop specific hardware that is required for high fidelity training but is not available commercially.  Simulator training should focus on actually doing not pretending, muscle memory is being developed when you do the action which ensures it will be second nature when it's really needed. 

Applications like our Lorby Comms software is a fantastic tool for learning the complex communication system found in firefighting aircraft but when it's run with realistic hardware the training becomes exponentially more effective. 

Rapid Prototyping

At Wildfire Training Solutions we have a fully equipped machine shop complete with CNC router and mill, 3d printing, welding and general fabrication capabilities which allows us to quickly design a part and integrate it into our software solutions. We use modern computer aided design software to develop our products which allows us to get to a working prototype and final version very quickly. 

Helicopter Simulator

This video shows the (work in progress) helicopter simulator we built for Helicopter Coordinator training. 

Fixed Wing Convair 580 Simulator

We retrofitted an older Convair 580 Simulator to run on modern hardware and software. 

Some of our Hardware solutions


Bell Jetranger cockpit

Light helicopters play a key role in wildfire and are particularly well suited for observation and incident management and control. 


Integrated Hardware and Software

We developed a FLIR software module to simulate the FLIR mounted on all Alberta Wildfire Birddogs and of couse we designed and built the hardware to run it 


CV 580 Simulator retrofit

We recently retrofitted an older model Convair 580 simulator that had been decommissioned. The simulator was gutted and all of the older technology was replaced with  modern electronics and computer hardware. We also designed, built and installed control loading hardware into the flight controls to provide the pilots a realistic feel of the aircraft. The simulator is now being used once again, for Airtanker pilot training. 

Drop Controller

Our drop controller connects to the Pilot Module with a USB connection. 


Prototype FLIR display running with Lorby Wildfire Response.