Realistic Fire Effects

30 years of wildfire experience have helped us to develop realistic looking and acting fires to challenge all levels of training.

Incident Scenery Design

Here is a quick example of how easy it is to create a fire scenario. This can be done on the fly during an actual training mission or built and then saved as part of a training curriculum. 


Head to base through the belly of the beast : )


Having some fun with the Q400



Ground Perspective

Lorby Wildfire Response is primarily focused on aerial wildfire training but interaction with personnel on the ground is an important part of this job. During training it's quite common to have role players acting as ground personnel, we wanted to make sure you had the right perspective for the job.

Heavy Equipment

Lorby Avatar

If you are interested in using Lenny the  Lorby Avatar and understand how to unzip and install the file

please feel to download him from the link below.